Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Walk??

"Hey, Katherine, this is Judith."

"No, duh, phones have had caller ID for years now. What's up?"

Uhhg... I sigh internally. I still introduce myself every time I make a phone call. Force of habit? From when I was like, eight? Whatever.

"Do you want to go on a walk?"

"A Walk??" Her voice rises, implying incredulity "What do you mean a Walk?? Where would we go?"

"I don't know, around. We could walk to Jeni's and get ice cream" The last part might have been a bribe.

"Isn't that, like, reeeeally far away?"

"Umm... yeah?"

"How far is it?"

"Like an hour - walking" It might have been a modest estimate.

"How about let's drive over to the parking lot behind it and we can walk from my car to Jeni's?"

"All the way through  the parking lot? Funny"

She giggles.

"How about walking in the mall? May and I were going to go tonight. We could walk there. You want me to pick you up too?" You could hear in her voice she was smiling.

Katherine. Note to self: you can't win over a fashionista.

Not even with ice cream. 

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