Sunday, May 5, 2013

Like the Snow Melting

I am thrilled that it's finally Spring again. 

This season is intoxicating. I have lunch fifth period and I just went on a walk. I went straight out the big front doors and wandered the streets surrounding the high school for forty or so minutes before my Pavlovian sense of the impending bell brought me back.  

The flowers are blooming on the trees right now. And Ohio's warm humid air makes it possible to smell them without stopping to. The aroma hangs in the air, lingering on the tip of your tongue, so strong that it's a taste. 

As well as bringing flowers and severe senioritis, Spring also ushered in my birthday. I turned 18 this Sunday. I was still awake at our prom-after party, but very tired since I'd gotten up at 6 am on Saturday morning. Some girls from church and I ran CAP City Half-Marathon together. Several Chinese fire drills and one horror film after midnight, I finally got to bed after 23 hours straight of activity.

They say the effects of sleep deprivation are a little bit like being intoxicated. What better way to usher in adulthood than feeling incredibly hung-over?

Just Finished my 3rd Half! So that's one-and-a-half marathons? right?
Washington Crossing the Delaware - In Style (from Prom)
Katherine and I went to Spring Flea to celebrate my birthday today. It's an open air market which appeared for the weekend in a parking lot off Third Avenue. It had a Woodstock vibe with clothing retail out of hippie VW's. We bought cake pops there because they seemed festive (Unfortunately I couldn't fit 18 candles onto mine - not to say I didn't try).

And another less exciting mark of the season that AP exams begin. I have my first one starting tomorrow. My last AP tests I'll ever take. This spring which is full of so much freshness and beginnings, but it has a lot of endings too. Endings like the snow melting and the last of the Christmas lights reluctantly coming down. 

I'm leaving Ohio in about a month now, high school will be over and I'll be starting at BYU in the fall.