Friday, February 21, 2014

No homework happened tonight...only cakes

Brandy's cake (she's turning 21 whoot whoot!)

Nathaniel's cake

Matt's cake
Three birthdays, three cakes, all on one day. Baking these was the most delicious way to procrastinate studying for my midterms.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Nestled in the folds of the mountains,
I walk through a place reclaimed.
I am taken in by the sweeping curves of crude oil tanks,
and dilapidated walls of industry before me -
Riveting and soul-swelling as the snowy peaks that rise up behind them.

Graffiti is scrawled on every surface.
There are layers of images,
Paint on top of paint -
Thick extrusions from a concrete surface.

I can imagine the pilgrimage to this place.
A procession of figures,
carrying aluminum cans like sacrifices at the altar.
The crisp clear air filled with the reek of aerosol.
This place has a sense of sacredness, an ache of reverence.

If the human mind was tangible,
A place that could be wandered through,
it would be like this.

Our hopes, concerns, and experiences
imprinted and overlaid on walls that are crumbling down.
The relentless mind-chatter of the quotidian,
scrawled over our greatest insights,
obscuring them from remembrance.

A cartoon bear with his mouth wide open,
exclaiming “Set out and konquer!”