Wednesday, September 22, 2010

High School

So far this is what I have learned in High School

1: How to get a grade lower than an A

In middle school, I was obsessive about grades. I would stress about tests and study and study and study as hard as I could. Now my policy has changed to an old Canadian saying "Chill by chill." The test will come when it comes and I will do how I do and that is all there is to it. No stress, no late nights and the first C's of my life.

2: How to suck at things, but do them anyway - just for kicks

I am trying out for basketball. I don't even know how to play basketball. I make a fool of myself every day for at least an hour, usually two. And you know what? It's a freaking good time.

3: If you leave a grape in a drying oven in the chem lab, it will turn into a raisin.

'Nuff said.